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Tue, 9th December 2014, 9:00am (Tue, 9th December 2014, 9:00am UTC-5)

Excellent page. Would like to know more about the Royal Ark Degree so that I can present a comprehensive history to my Chapter.

D. Edward Walter PHP RAM 241

Tue, 21st January 2014, 11:34pm (Tue, 21st January 2014, 8:34pm UTC-8)

The site is great. Well done.

Jim Fissel

Sat, 27th April 2013, 3:53pm (Sat, 27th April 2013, 2:53pm UTC-5)


Alfred Quinn Adoniram Council 2

Thu, 8th November 2012, 7:37am

This is a very informative website which I enjoyed visiting.

Robrt Wise

Tue, 7th August 2012, 1:31pm (Wed, 8th August 2012, 1:19am UTC+8)

Great job on the site! It is very informative.
Nineveh #3

Robert (Bob) Lozon